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Who We Help

Executive Function

Executive Function expresses the ability to plan, pay attention, organize, prioritize, initiate, and complete tasks, as well as understand and manage time. We use these skills daily to learn and manage life.

Your student needs this support if:

 They have challenges with working memory (remembering everyday items, turning in homework, or being able to multi-task, organize, or prioritize).

 Your student is frustrated and pressured to function in school because they cannot maintain consistency with school requirements, and are having difficulty with emotional regulation.


Learning Skills/Academic Support

Your student needs this support if:

 They have learning Disabilities such as dyslexia, Language-based learning disabilities, ADD/HD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and need academic support for a successful education.

 They have comorbid conditions such as anxiety, depression, or other mental health conditions and need support navigating educational success. 

 They need homework support: we will help students to manage homework, and get homework completed and turned in.

 Students need us to collaborate with therapists, guidance counselors, teachers, and school administration.

 Students need us to collaborate in support of a 504 or an IEP Plan at their schools.


College Admissions Support 

Your student needs this support if:

 They struggle with understanding how and what to write in their college applications, using proper grammar, and answering the questions appropriately. 

 They are struggling with essay topics and understanding how to write the college essay.


Parent Coaching 

Parents need this support if:

 You are frustrated with the ability to structure and support your student.

 You are frustrated with how your student's school lacks support for your student.

 You need emotional and practical support.


Life Coaching 

Anyone needs this support if:

 You need someone in your corner for life management.

  You need an ADD/HD coach. 

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