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Ellen began working with my son after a difficult start in college. She put a plan together specific to his needs, including study and organizational skills, and got to know my son and his superpowers -- those areas where he naturally shines. Ellen also worked with the school on potential accommodations to increase his chances for success. For example, approval for my son to audio record lectures due to his difficulty taking complete notes, as well as additional time for test taking. Ellen knows how to approach schools with specific needs for students and can play that advocate role. 


My son and Ellen met routinely in face-to-face meetings and on phone calls, reviewing his homework, papers and upcoming test prep. My son has built tremendous skills through his work with Ellen that will last throughout his life. She held him to his commitments, nudging him the right amount when needed and encouraging him along the way. Importantly, Ellen always worked with my son first as a person, not just as a student, ensuring his mental health was at the forefront throughout their work together. 


(student) will graduate this year. He has grown so much and understands how he learns best and how to better advocate for himself. These are life skills which will serve him well into the future. 


I highly recommend Ellen Cuthrell. She has transformed our son into a confident college graduate with tremendous career opportunities and a positive outlook."

I have personally known Ellen for the past two years in the capacity of advisor to my teenage daughter. When my daughter was introduced to Ellen, she had just transferred schools after a very negative academic experience.  Ellen’s role was to help my daughter develop compensating skills for her executive functioning deficits and processing speed delays in order to reach her full potential.


Little did I know that Ellen would also become an emotional outlet for my daughter who up to this point was very guarded emotionally.  Her support and encouragement gave my daughter the confidence to advocate for herself and achieve academic honors.  I could never have imagined that in such a short period of time, my daughter would transform back to the curious learner that she was as a young child. I strongly believe that Ellen’s experience would be an asset to any child.  Ellen has a strong foundation in working with many learning differences.  The bonus in working with Ellen is her compassion and ability to connect with people. This is truly her gift."

Ellen's warmth and compassion helped her develop a wonderful rapport with my daughter.  She has taken the time to understand my daughter's strengths and weaknesses, as well as learning what my daughter is passionate about and providing unconditional support to help my daughter to reach her goals."

Our son, who has an ADHD diagnosis and had the benefit of accommodations throughout high school, was struggling in his first year of college to complete and hand in assignments on time. He had fallen so behind he was in danger of failing all four of his Spring semester classes. Ellen was recommended to us as sort of a last resort to salvage the school year. Her working one-on-one with him made all the difference. She is strict and all business, but for some reason our son didn’t seem to mind! Ellen helped him get and stay organized, encouraged him to reach out to his professors and advocate for more time to make up work, and scheduled accountability check-ins to help him stay on task. Most importantly, she helped our son restore confidence in himself. He’s excited to go back to school in the fall, and we are so grateful to have found Ellen to work with him.”

My son has been diagnosed with Double D Dyslexia, which is the worst form of a Dyslexic diagnosis.  Ellen’s role, therefore, is crucial and vital to his ability to transition, and uphold the rigor of Solebury’s curriculum. Ellen has filled that role with unwavering passion, dedication and expertise that I have rarely encountered. She is a talent and superstar in learning support.   It is evident under Ellen’s care, and teaching, my son has advanced and has been challenged.  She has a valuable ability to assess and  focus on his specific  learning needs, his required accommodations. Ellen has developed an individual program and format that is most necessary for William to maintain, learn, and achieve success.   In addition, Ellen’s role is as advocate has been exemplary, she often conferences with teachers, teaches my son to advocate and evaluates his class selection, which is again, a key role and offers my son the best chance at school success.

In the past, in public school, we encountered so many teachers who are misguided and feel that a learning support educator's role is invalid, offering a student the ability to cheat or enabling the student not to be independent. To a child with Dyslexia, as severe as my son's diagnosis, that mindset impacted his ability to thrive and destroyed his self-esteem.  In fact, the opposite is true.  When someone breaks a leg, they require a crutch, that crutch offers the ability to walk.  Ellen’s learning support and expertise are why my son is able to maintain, and “walk” in a setting that is competitive, and academic.  Without a  good learning support program, and Ellen, and her abilities, I believe my son would not be able to compete or continue his education. In my opinion, Ellen represents and understands how to offer my son support, yet challenges him to be as independent and self-sufficient as possible.   Ellen was recommended to us by a previous student’s parent. I am grateful for that recommendation. 

Ellen exemplifies the highest standard regarding Learning Support.  Ellen’s ability to understand, educate and support and equip my son with the right resources, technology, and scribe techniques is fundamental to his needs.  She is an asset and invaluable and we are deeply thankful that we have found Solebury and Ellen.  She is by far the best learning support educator I have encountered.  She is one of the rarest and most cherished teachers, who truly put my son first, her heart and her dedication will forever positively impact my son’s life, and for that, I am eternally grateful. 

Ellen is amazing! With her help, my son went from being absolutely phobic about writing anything to a confident writer who is double majoring in Biology and History at Grinnell College. She helped him find his self-confidence and enabled him to unlock his ability to express his thoughts and ideas in written communications. She also was a wonderful advocate for him to be allowed into the honors classes, recognizing that a child can have both a learning disability and be gifted.

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